Wood Pellet Heater or Stove
A Pellet Heater or Stove that burns compressed wood pellets or biomass pellets to create a source of heat
for residential and sometimes industrial spaces. By steadily feeding fuel from a storage container into a 
burn pot area it produces a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments with real heat.

Our Wood Pellet Heater have a set room temperature control panel, Once set it does all the work for you. 
You fill the hopper once average Australian house hold with 15 Kilo bag would burn for up to 3 days.
Our Wood Pellet Heater and Boilers have an efficiency rating of a minimum 84% up to our highest efficiency rating 
heaters to 90%.

Our Company is working on offering and becoming the largest supplier and producer of Wood Pellet Heaters & Boilers
as well as Wood Pellet fuel and energy provider and supplier in the World. We offer superior and high efficient service to
our customers at home and aboard. We warranty all our products for 12 months and will help and give service well 
beyond that time frame.
Our focus on professionally researching, developing and selling/supplying energy-saving environment-friendly heating 
appliances and 100% Australian wood pellets made from 100% Australian wood waste products from the sawmills of 
Australia direct to all Australian and the World at large.

Wood Pellet Heaters are becoming a popular option to any other form of heating. A roaring natural fire has more than just 
aesthetic appeal its real heat, that is produced from 100% Australian wood pellets  the heat is greater than other forms of heating.
Our Wood Pellets are manufactured in Australia by using 100% Australian wood waste material from 100% sustainable wood waste from
from Australian sawmills. Producing very cost effective fuel suitable to use in our wood pellet heaters and boilers.

Wood pellet heating is a cleaner burning virtual smoke free, our Wood Pellet Heaters also contain a thermostat-controlled panel and 
remote control with a programmable timer and also room temperature setting control set. To help control your heat settings and also your
timer setting. A very small amount of electricity is used to operate the built in electronics and fan. We have one of the largest ranges of 
Wood pellet heater stand alone and insert as well as Wood Boilers in the Country.

Please contact us direct for any help with purchasing a Wood Pellet Heater or Boiler system for your house, we are also happy to help with
in-stallion and we also have all the piping required. For all your inquires including buying our Wood Pellets contact us on 1300 012 465 or