Coolabah Wood Pellets 15 kilo bag

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 Coolabah Wood Pellets 
used for Heating & BBQ smoking 100% natural Australian Hardwood
made from Sawmill Bark free wood waste.
Wood Pellets 15 Kilo Bag
100% Australian Hardwood Pellets.
100% Australian renewable energy made with saw-milling residue
from sustainable managed forests.
Pellets are formed under high pressure and natural Lignin binds them together.

Use of Our Pellets 
- energy (Replace Coal)
- Heating (Pellet Heaters)
- Boilers (Pellet Boilers)
- Biomass Energy Source.

Wood Pellets give you all the benefits of burning wood, but with much more efficiency.
Fire wood can contain up to 48% moisture, so nearly half of what you pay wood heating goes 
up in steam. Wood Pellets are made of compressed wood waste material, with less than 
10% moisture. The sawdust used goes through a drying process to reduce the moisture content in 
the wood pellets. So, they burn cleaner and longer providing you with more heat, most importantly 
environment friendly. 

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