New Generation Of Wood Pellet Heating
New Generation of Wood Pellet Heaters and Boiler appliance's that are cleaner burning, more efficient and more than
powerful enough to heat average size house. Wood pellets fuel appliances burn small wood pellets, in our case our wood pellets 
are made form 100% Australia Hardwood waste material, coming from our sawmills in Australia.
If you have an old log fire then you must consider changing to these remarkable wood pellet heaters that are also environment friend
and approved by the UN.
Wood Pellet Heaters & Boilers are more convenient to operate than ordinary wood stoves or fire places. Our Wood Pellet Heaters have 
much higher combustion and heating efficiencies. As a consequence of this, our Wood Pellet Heaters are in the 80% plus efficiency range.
They are suitable for homes, apartments townhouses and all.
All our Wood Pellet Heaters and Boilers have hoppers to store the pellets until you need to refill, Most our hoppers hold 15kilos and above.
A feed device like a large screw drops the wood pellets into the combustion chamber for burning. The exhaust gases are vented through a 
small flute pipe being 80mm can go straight through the wall for simple installation, all our appliances come with manuals we are also happy
to help with installations. 
We also carry all the spare parts needed to repair or we will replace your Wood Pellet Heater if we cant fix it we Warranty all our products 
for 12 months and recommend you service and maintain your wood pellet heater.
Wood Pellets are sold in 15Kilo bags and are usual sold as 1 tonne witch equates to about 66 bags, witch equates to using 3 tonne of wood logs.
You can buy it by the bag from us direct if you wish as well. 
These high efficiency heaters let you turn down the household thermostat while warming your rooms, providing ambiance of a real fire and 
helping reduce your energy bill.